Cluster level Teachers’ Orientation of Prayas Plus


O/o the Principal DIET cum DPO (SSA)

DIET Bilaspur at Jukhala, District Bilaspur (HP)

Jukhala-174033 Date-


The Principal /Head Master


District Bilaspur

Subject: - Cluster level teachers’ orientation of Prayas Plus.


As we are well aware that Prayas Plus ‘A Quality improvement programme for Science and Maths at Elementary level’ was implemented in Government schools of the district Bilapur in 2016-17. After its accomplishment in the district, it is being implemented in all the other districts of Himachal Pradesh.

In current session it must being reflected in classroom teaching, as far as our district is concerned. However, to execute it more effectively in classroom teaching, some issues needs to be addressed out. For the same a three days orientation programme for Science and Maths elementary teachers of the district will be organized at clubbed cluster level by district resource group.

This orientation programme has been scheduled w.e.f 26th to 28th September,2017 at different venues by clubbing of clusters (along with schools falling under that cluster) /schools as per detail below.

For Elementary teachers (Science and Maths) working in Govt High & Sen Sec Schools

Sr No

Name of Venue / Block

Clubbed clusters along with GSSS/GHS falling under that cluster


GSSS(B) Bilaspur / Sadar

GSSS Ghagus, GSSS Bilaspur(B), GSSS Chharol


GSSS Jukhala/ Sadar

GSSS Jukhala, GSSS Namhol, GSSS Soldha


GSSS(G) Gh./BRCC Building / Gh-II

GSSS Ghumarwin(B), GSSS Panoh, GSSS Samoh, GSSS Hawan, GSSS Kathlag


GSSS Bharari / Gh-I

GSSS Dangar, GSSS Hatwar, GSSS Bharari, GSSS Kuthera


GSSS Berthin / Jhandutta

GSSS Berthin, GSSS Jhandutta, GSSS Talai, GSSS Bheri, GSSS Jejwin


GSSS Swahan / Swarghat

GSSS Bassi, GSSS Makri, GSSS Swahan, GSSS Swarghat

For Elementary teachers (Science and Maths) working in Govt Middle Schools


GSSS(B) Bilaspur / Sadar

All the middle schools of Sadar, Gh-II & middle schools under GSSS Chharol cluster


GSSS (B)Ghumarwin / Gh-II

All the middle school of Jhandutta & Ghumarwin-I block


GSSS Swahan / Swarghat

All the middle school under GSSS Bassi, GSSS Makri, GSSS Swahan, GSSS Swarghat Cluster

You are requested to depute elementary teachers (Science & Maths) of your school along with u/c schools so that they could be familiarized with the future strategies of programme and uniformity could be set up in the district.

Teachers have to bring Prayas Plus Manual distributed to them last year and personnel pen drive for material in soft to be given to them

Principal DIET cum DPO(SSA)

DIET Bilaspur at Jukhala