An Initiative of HP State Govt. for Enhancing Basic Literacy and Numeracy Skills in Primary Classes

  • PRERNA is an initiative of HP state Government for enhancing quality improvement in primary classes.
  • The objective of this program is to improve learning levels of Std.. 3 to 5 children in basic literacy and numeracy through learning camps before grade specific intervention.
  • The program is reaching out 3098 children of Std 3 to 5 of 118 primary cluster schools in Bilaspur district.
  • During the learning camp intervention, a baseline and an end line assessment will be carried out to know the improvements in learning levels and impact of programme.
  • DRG Training: 3 days’ Center Head Teacher (CHT) orientation on Combined Activities for Maximized Learning (CAMal) and children assessment has been completed in June, 2016.
  • Teachers Training: 5 days orientations of teachers by CHTs at cluster level has been completed 25th June, 2016
  • Base line assessment was conducted on 21st June,2016 in all 118 cluster schools
  • Material distribution: was distributed in all the schools by 5th August
  • Base line assessment was conducted on 6th August,2016 in all the primary schools
  • 45 days’ learning enhancement camp in all primary schools of district Bilaspur based on CAMal in order to address the learning gaps determined from assessment has been started w.e.f. 8th August, 2016.

Progress till Date:

Out of 118 Primary Cluster Schools, 30 schools are in Red Zone (Below 50%), 62 schools are in Yellow zone (50 to 74 %) and 26 schools are in Green Zone ( 15 to 100 %)