About SSA

Aims and objectives of SSA

All children in school, Education Guarantee Centre, Alternate School, ‘Back-to-School’ camp by 2003.

All children complete five years of primary schooling by 2007.

All children complete eight years of elementary schooling by 2010.

Focus on elementary education of satisfaction quality with emphasis on education for life.

Bridge all gender and social category gaps at primary stage by 2007 and at elementary education level at 2010.

Universal retention by 2010.

Intervention wise

Strengthening of infrastructure facilities in schools:

Since 2001-02; 5 New school buildings , 3 BRC Building, 50 CRC Building, 102 H.M. room, 510 Additional Class rooms, 357 Boundary wall, 446 Girls toilet, 435 Boys toilet, 189 Drinking water facility, 157 CWSN Friendly toilet, 113 major repair of school building. Electrification 82 schools, Ramps & Rails. Furniture for students has been provided in all the independent Govt. Middle schools. A set of Library books have been provided to all the elementary schools.

Kitchen sheds, Girls toilets, boys toilets, drinking water and electrification is available in all the schools.


“PRAYAS”: A programme to popularize Science and Math at upper primary level in district Bilaspur

PRAYAS was started in 2015-16 to progress and popularize Science and Maths at elementary level in district Bilaspur with the support of PRATHAM (NGO) who was already working in Science and Math subjects. Among/for the identified hard spots, demonstration models were prepared by students under the guidance of teachers who were trained for the same in block level trainings under SSA. PRAYAS was a success in the district due to which it has been launched by Hon’able Chief Minister of HP on 26th June, 2016 to replicate it in other districts of HP.

Teachers Training under SSA:

Primary teachers are being oriented for early literacy & numeracy programme.

Elementary teachers are being oriented for PRAYAS “ programme to popularize Science & Maths”

School Heads (CHT, Head master & Principals) are being trained under school leadership development programme.

Newly recruited teachers are being provided 10 days induction training.

PRAYAS: A programme to strengthen primary school education:

To strengthen primary education in the district, DIET faculty have adopted 20 primary schools nearby DIET and in addition to it; district administration supported 50 cluster primary schools on pilot basis with the help of BRCCs/BEEOs.

Rashtriya Avishkar Abhyan:

Three schools were selected in the district to act as lab schools for Science and Math activities. NIT Hamirpur and IIT Mandi are nodal institute to mentor these activities in schools. It aims to nurture a spirit of enquiry and creativity, love for Science and Mathematics and to encourage those children who show an inclination and talent for these subjects so that they can excel in these.

Implementation of QMTs( Quality monitoring Tools):

QMTS at different levels i.e. school, cluster, block as well as district level were implemented to know the actual picture of quality in education and other problems in the schools. All principal and Headmasters were oriented over QMTs.

Implementation of PINDICS:

Performance indicators for teachers were implemented to know the weak areas in teaching system. Seven performance indicators are being covered i.e. designing learning experiences for children, knowledge and understanding of subject matter, strategies for facilitating learning, interpersonal relationship, professional development, school development and teacher attendance.

Base line, Midterm and End line Survey:

Base line survey conducted in the beginning of the session, Midterm in the month of Sept. /Oct. and end line is conducted in the month of March.

Linkage with LLF (learning Link Foundation):

This district is linked with LLF. There are 7 Learning link facilitator who facilitate the school teachers in the actual classroom teaching learning process and 114(56 primary and 58 upper primary schools) are covered under LLF in two education Blocks i.e. Sadar and Ghumarwin-2.

Class wise and subject wise Learning indicators:

Class wise and subject wise learning indicators have been developed to assess students’ lesson wise and has been distributed to all the primary and upper primary schools.


Girl’s education, SC/ST/Minority Children:

In the year 2015-16 it was integrated with PRAYAS “a programme to popularize Science and Maths” in the district

SMC /Community Mobilization:- Community can play a vital role in improvement of all the school activities and SSA is giving special attention for community awareness and their active involvement in school activities.

4897 SMC members were imparted 3 days trainings & guided on RTE, Sanitation, Beti Bachao & Beti Padhao, Swach Vidyalya & Swach Vidyarthi, Disaster management etc.

These trainings were clubbed with PRAYAS and it emerged as strength of programme as they

One day camp for Awareness & sensitization of SC/ST & other disadvantaged group was organized at district level in which more than 1000 parents participated and interacted with then worthy DC Bilaspur and other resource group.


Out of school children are being enrolled & mainstreamed and OOSC are being identified and to be enrolled in different NRST centers/schools.

They are being provided with special training books and financial help besides this, counseling of their parents was done to send their wards to schools and take proper care of them.

Inclusive Education:-

Medical Assessment Camps are being organized in the Distt for CWSN with the assistance of Medical Team of Distt Hospital Bilaspur for their identification & renewal of old identified CWSN.

Aids & appliances are being provided to CWSN in convergence with CRC Sundernagar.

Escort Allowance @2500/CWSN is being provided to CWSN, Transport Allowance under HBE to CWSN and Corrective Surgery to 15 CWSN covered in.

One day parents counseling is being organized for CWSN parents.

Training is being provided to Teachers on Braille, Teachers on Signing , Teachers on Multi Category and primary teachers has been provided days training on Curriculum adaptation.

World Disability day celebrated at Distt level.