A centrally sponsored scheme of restructuring and reorganization of teacher education is being implemented since October, 1987, in pursuance of the NPE.-1986 One of the components of the scheme is to setup about four hundred DIETs in the country until October 1989, centreral assistance had been sanctioned under the scheme for setting up 216 DIETs.

In district Bilaspur, DIET was established in 1997 at Jukhala, which is 750 mtr. away from the main road i,e Shimla to Dharmshala. The intake capacity of JBT students of this institute since 1999 to 2016 is as :-

Sr. No


Intake Capacity

Passed out



























150 (129 in Present)


It is located in such a surrounding which is unique in itself and provides excellent atmosphere for study training and other activities related to these reminding the famous poem by Alexander Pope ‘Solitude’ being located in the lush green valley of the Jukhala the institute has an enormous spacious precincts decked with different kinds of plants and provide proper fencing facility.

There is 1 Principal, 16 posts of lecturers,1 post of Yoga teacher, 1 post of librarian, 1 post of statistician, 1 post of superintendent, 2 posts of Sr. Assistants,3 posts of clerk, 3 posts of Lab attendant,1 post of steno,3 posts of peon and 1 post of sweeper .

Status of DIET infrastructure.

1. Own Land 46Bighas & 19Biswas

2. Academic wing & Hostel

3. No. of classrooms: 4

4. Labs. 5(Science, Psychology, W &E, Social Science and Music)

5. Library

6. Principal room

7. Office room

8. Learning Resource Centre.

9. Faculty room

10. Store room

11. Sports room.

12. Conference/Seminar Room fully equipped

13. Girl Hostel for 60 girls (20 rooms)

14. In spite of this DIET has sufficient infrastructure furniture, 5computers but there is need of smart classrooms.

Hostel Facility :-

Located in the vista of Jukhala valley behind Bandla hills, the DIET Bilaspur at Jukhala is having a well equipped hostel in its campus. The hostel is primarily meant for girls however it is also used for in-service/pre service teacher trainings, community trainings etc.

There are 18 residential rooms having a capacity to accommodate 60 persons in total. Each individual is provided with a cot, fixed table, chair and a mattress. There are 8 toilets and 8 bath rooms. A co-operative mess is run by the students which is having a good kitchen arrangement alongwith a big dining hall. The common room of the hostel provides entertainment facilities like TV and indoor games.

DIET staff working in different faculties are under

1. PSTE (Pre Service Teacher Education)

Work done under this Branch During the Year 2015-16

  • In service Primary as well upper primary teachers were trained at the district, block and cluster level under SSA/RMSA
  • Education for Personality development for JBT students was imparted by organizing class, play ground and house activities.
  • Organized psychological tests i.e. personality, creativity, intelligence test, social intelligence test etc. activities for JBT students.
  • Different Teaching methods technique for students.

2. WE (Work Experience)

Work done under this Branch during the Year 2015-16

  • Low cost teaching learning material is prepared.
  • Cleanliness activities were organized with the help of JBT students in groups on every house day.
  • Study visit was organized for JBT 2nd year students in the month of July, 2016.

3. DRU (District Resource Unit)

Work done under this Branch during the Year 2015-16

  • Prerana and Prayas implemented are organized in the district at primary and upper primary respectively.
  • OOSC are covered under AE every year by conducting survey with the help of BRCCS and teachers. These children are mainstreamed in the govt. schools by providing special trainings.
  • Media activities are done to publish the activities that are done under SSA/RMSA.

4. IFICI (In service Programmes, Field Interaction and Innovation Coordination Branch)

Work done under this Branch during the Year 2015-16

  • Evaluated the Teachers trainings which were organized at the district. Block and cluster level.
  • JBT students are also evaluated with cce patter and their report is also disseminated with their parents.
  • DIET magazine is regularly published.

5. CMDE( Curriculum, material development and evaluation)

Work done under this Branch during the Year 2015-16

  • Various kind of workshops were organized for primary as well upper teachers.
  • Achievement surveys were organized for 3rd and 8th class students in the month of Feb., 2016
  • Various types of base line, Midterm and End line survey were carried out under SSA/RMSA.

6. ET(Educational Technology)

Work done under this Branch during the Year 2015-16

  • Computer lab is established with the help of SSA where JBT students are oriented over IT.
  • TLMs completions were organized in the DIET house wise and displayed in the classrooms.
  • Video/ Audio cassettes were used in the class and in the seminar.

7. P&M (Planning & Management Branch)

Work done under this Branch During the Year 2015-16

  • School mapping was completed in SSA and schools are opened on the basis of school mapping.
  • Micro planning i.e. tutorial groups has been constituted for both the pre service JBT batches to make the individual focus for various activities.
  • Base line, Midterm and end line surveys were conducted and on the basis of these surveys institution are evaluated.
  • School leadership trainings are imparted from time to time as per budget provision under SSA/RMSA