Instructions for the implementation of “PRAYAS PLUS”. for Upper Primary cluster Heads


As we are all aware of PRAYAS PLUS ‘A quality improvement programme for Science & Maths’ at elementary level, that is being implemented in the district in 2016-17 and is a next level of PRAYAS ‘A programme for popularization of Science and Maths’ which was implemented in the district in 2015-16.

PRAYAS PLUS has been linked solely with syllabus and class wise models have been clearly defined for the quality improvement in these subjects.

Main phases of the programmes are:

  • District level Orientation of Resource Group
  • Cluster level Orientation of elementary Science & Maths teachers
  • Baseline assessment test/ verification
  • School level workshops/ classroom integration of programme
  • School level fairs
  • End line assessment test

At cluster level:

  • Every upper primary cluster school head along with heads of other schools falling under that cluster will ensure the implementation of programme.
  • As per instruction from SPO(SSA), two hours twice in a week during working days/ school level workshops in school will be especially dedicated to PRAYAS PLUS (one hour to Science & one hour to Maths).
  • During workshops, teachers other than Science & Maths can help in grouping of students and workshops.
  • To regularly monitor and review the progress of PRAYAS PLUS, follow up meetings with heads of cluster schools and Science and Maths teachers in every month will be organized (Alliance with monthly cluster level teachers meetings under RMSA). Progress on learning curve of children may be recorded, shared with parents/teachers/children and documented.
  • All the upper primary schools having strength 30 or more than 30 will be provided material for models preparation and school level fairs will be organized in these schools
  • Schools having strength less than 30 will be clubbed to nearby school at least on the day of fair, so that students of these schools get exposure & experience of models and get benefitted.
  • Models prepared during teachers orientation in selected cluster schools and are lying with that venue cluster school may be supplied to schools having higher student’s enrollment where material for models preparation is not being supplied (keep record of same).
  • All the purchase regarding material for models preparation will be done at cluster level after completing all the codal formalities. Principal cum Cluster head (SSA/RMSA) will be the chairman of the committee. Subject expert must be the part of committee i.e. One Science teacher from cluster school and one Maths teacher from adjoining member school of that cluster.
  • Please ensure the full utilization of material, because, last year material is still lying with many of the schools and that is something not to be agreed upon.
  • Material procurement and supply to schools may be done at the earliest so that programmes objectives didn’t get adversely affected. In many of schools, teachers have started models preparation at their own however, after getting specific material for PRAYAS PLUS it will acquire full swing and it is supposed that in September 1st week all the specified schools would get material for model preparation.
  • Rs. 10,000.00 per school for material purchase is being transferred to your account (list of material attached) keeping in mind the last year cost of PRAYAS material that was Rs 8000/-.
  • Cluster head will ensure the timely submission of UCs.