Regarding Material for models making under PRAYAS PLUS

Your kind attention is drawn towards the subject cited above, for which necessary correspondence has already been done wide letter no. No. EDN-BLS-JKL-(DIET)-SSA-Training/9013-43 O/o the Principal DIET cum DPO (SSA) DIET Bilaspur at Jukhala, District Bilaspur (HP), Dated- 19/08/2016 and amount Rs 10,000/- per schools was also transferred to your account.

However, after market survey, some of cluster heads communicated this office that rates of items mentioned in PRAYAS PLUS list are considerably higher than money transferred to their account for the said purpose. In this regard it is to say that amount of material was generally calculated, after considering previous year purchase of PRAYAS material. If amount is getting considerably higher, we can review material list again and if any item that already exists and/or could be arranged at school level can be removed from the list.

The list contained all the items required for all the models making under PRAYAS PLUS, and some items are available at school level, especially in Govt Sen. Seco schools besides permanent articles supplied in PRAYAS in 2015-16 are to be removed from list. For convenience a revised list is again being sending to you.

You are therefore, requested to take necessary action for the immediate supply of material to schools under your complex so that ultimate objectives of programme doesn’t get adversely affected..