School level Science & Maths Fairs under quality improvement programme “PRAYAS PLUS”


As we are well aware that, quality improvement programme “PRAYAS PLUS” for Science and Maths is being running with enthusiasm in Govt. upper primary schools of the district Bilaspur. Due to delayed delivery of PRAYAS PLUS materials at school level, classroom integration of 1st phase models have not been actualized, which was main objective of the programme. However, in school level student’s workshops under the guidance of teachers, which is being organized for the preparation of demonstration models for the first phase fairs, linkage with already taught topics must been realized.

Prepared models will be demonstrated in science and math’s fairs to be organized in every school where material for programme has been given. Schools having strength less than 30 will be attached to nearby schools at least on the day of fair, where students of 6th to 8th class of these schools will visit the fair for their exposure and experience. Cluster heads are requested to enlist suitable venues for such schools falling under their cluster, keeping in view distance & ease of students and inform them.

Involve parents of students, SMC members, community, PRIs, all the students & teachers of school for coverage and to raise confidence level of students. Models except PRAYAS PLUS prepared at school level can be displayed to make an event more attractive. Fairs will be visited by district administration and officials.

Fairs at school level will be organized in district as per schedule mentioned below:

For all Govt. (Middle/High/Sen. Sec.)Schools





Ghumarwin- II








Please ensure preparation of all the models of 1st phase fairs. It has been experienced in PRAYAS (2015) that some of the schools in district didn’t utilize the material fully for the purpose. This type of laxity affects programme’s objectives and is an irreparable loss to students. This programmes has been initialized in the district and it must be an exemplar to state. Your full support is expected to make it a success.

Thanking You